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WG series and Stainless geared box meet you in CEATEC Japan!

9. 2017

This is the first time Sha Yang Ye participates in CEATEC (3th~6th, Oct.) to display our latest products in 2017. New CEATEC Japan is an exhibition that presents the technologies and trends of the future for solving societal issues with leading technologies, services and open innovations. This time we are going to show you two series new product at booth D240-04: Worm geared motor and Stainless geared box.
We provides variety of materials, such as plastics, bakelite, metal, stainless steel etc. used in WG Series(worm gear) and efficient space but high gear ratios to suit more application in any filed. Selection of ball bearing is designed to contribute to its low noise operation and extend the durability.

Stainless gear box has clean surface design to avoid the dirt and liquid accumulation and highly resistant against acid, alkali
s and passivation. These optimized specification suits in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical technology industry.
All series products and application will be exhibited and welcome to visit us. 

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