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Sha Yang Ye wins the 4th Taiwan Mittelstand Award for gender equality

8. 2017

“Mittelstand” is kind of program that Germen government supports the use of modern, user-friendly information and communications technology in small to medium-sized companies. With the guarantee for the company’s long-term existence and place great value on lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and other businesses, German brands gain a great reputation in the world.

Taiwan government emulates its success, to enhance the competitive power of companies. Taiwan Mittelstand Award encourages enterprises which stay innovative, productive, and competitive to stimulate business growth.

SHA YANG YE Industrial Co. Ltd, a professional manufacturer of micro gear motors, servo motors, encoders, intellectual automation devices and robots etc. was honored to be one of 18 recipients “the 4th Taiwan Mittelstand Award for gender equality organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan, for its devoted effort in creating a friendly working environment for the disability, regardless of gender, age or education and the percentage of female employees promoted as supervisors in management is getting higher.

Due to SHA YANG YE’s continued service to customers globally in gear motors almost 40 years and its branding across over the world, we appreciate the experience of venerable old artisans and highly emphasize their dedications. Besides, to implement the philosophy of SHA YANG YE which is “Truthful, innovative, and harmonic”, emphasizing on employees’ performance and promoting them in proper positions without regarding their gender. The founder Mr. F.C. Tsai believes valuing the employees is the key to running a successful company.

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